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If you’re thinking of boosting your organization’s revenue by expanding to another region or country, you must be strong. If you’re thinking of boosting revenue for your non-U.S.-based company by entering the American market, you must be super strong. Some might call you foolish or crazy, but I’m not one...
Corporate Event
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Level Up Your Corporate Events to Connect With Diverse Personalities

Creating successful corporate events in the post-pandemic era looks slightly different. You must cater to diverse attendee personalities by ensuring meaningful connections. To ensure excellence, challenge your perceptions, personalize engagement through personas, and foster individualized networking opportunities. It’s no secret that events are back. Although they might not look the...
Adam Bennett
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Four steps to establishing the right KPIs for your transformation strategy

There are many technology, geopolitical and commercial forces currently impacting our organisations and pressuring existing business models and mindsets. Many organisations will need to transform, and these programs will require clear and effective governance. Before proceeding too far, let’s agree a definition for transformation. True transformation requires the presence of...
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