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Erich Rifenburgh
CEO Advisory

Expert Insights From Erich Rifenburgh on Crafting a Robust Negotiation Ecosystem

If your team isn't trained to negotiate, you are quite possibly leaving millions of dollars on the table. Why? Because your customers and suppliers are trained. Mastering the art and science of negotiation is required for all businesses to stay competitive. Erich Rifenburgh, a B2B negotiation expert with over two...
Competitive Running
CEO Advisory

From Boardrooms to Finish Lines: Running Coach Stewart Skloss Explains the Rise of Executives Embracing Competitive Running

Competitive running is growing in popularity among one very specific cohort -- high-powered executives. As physical trainer Stewart Skloss explains, an increasing number of executives have been embracing competitive running, getting out of the boardroom and hitting the pavement. There are myriad reasons why this trend makes sense. "Executives are...
chief executive officer
CEO Advisory

What’s Now in Leadership?

I was asked a great question recently about leadership and what today’s leaders need to know. I suspect it was asked with the intent of what’s next versus what’s now. While I may not be among the leadership scholars who can predict the future, I can share what I see...
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